Handgun Skills Development Course:

Handgun Skills Development Course:

Class Schedule: See Schedule

Deposit: $50 non-refundable deposit is required and will be applied to class cost

Price:  $100


                                          Class size is limited to 6 students


THIS IS NOT AN NRA APPROVED COURSE. This course designed through our experiences and knowledge gained from previous professional development courses. 

This development course is designed to take the average person out of their comfort zone. We are here to develop and build a skill set to help you thwart physical attacks and instruct you on obtaining a balance of speed and accuracy while shooting. This class is designed to get your ready for real world encounters. To attend this course it is strongly recommended that you be able to shoot from standing, kneeling, prone and supine positions. 


While this class is great for beginners, one should already have prior basic knowledge of handgun safety and use prior to attending this development course to ensure you get the most out of this class. If you do not have basic knowledge of a handgun, please sign up for at-least one hour of  basic handgun instruction prior to signing up for advanced course. 


You must bring

  • a minimum of 250 rounds of ammunition depending upon courses of fire selected for that particular day*.

  • Eye protection

  • Ear protection (electronic ear protection preferred)

  • A well maintained and properly functioning handgun

  • Holster- Belt and holster must be sturdy and support firearm properly (we will be shooting from a draw position so holster type is based off of shooter preference)

  • Magazine and magazine holder

*round count may be plus or minus 50 rounds dependent upon instructors choice of drills that day and weather. 

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